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    My website has been often (a few times a month) been going down, with the just the .ASP pages no longer working, while the .html pages still come up. What happens is I get page cannot be displayed errors, error #500, server error.<BR>Everytime I call up my server they correct the problem but they can&#039;t give me a straight answer with respect to the cause of the problem. They&#039;ve said that ASP pages can run, on IIS, either within the site&#039;s memory, or outside the site&#039;s memory (or something to that effect) and they have suggested that it&#039;s possible that something in my code needs to run exclusively in either one memory space or the other.<BR>This is all new to me -- I&#039;ve been doign ASP for over a year, but I know little about IIS and server issues.<BR>Does anyone have any suggestions?<BR>

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    yeah.. tell them their full of S???.. sounds like there NT machine is going down, causing IIS to stop, then they have to either go in manually and restart IIS or reboot to start. they should upgrade from NT server to windows 2000 server

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