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    Default here's an entertaining read

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    Ha ha... my boss made fun of me the other day for having two many IE windows open... I guess I'm just to **** young.

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    Default i not all THAT young

    but i always have a ton of stuff open - ie and everything else<BR><BR>makes it easier to get to everything i need without having to open it again<BR><BR>this board is something i always have open, for example, and then i just refresh every once in awhile to see what&#039;s new when i get some time

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    Default And I'm a really old fart...

    ...and I typically have about 20 things going at once at work.<BR><BR>Hmmm...tonight here at home I only have 4 browser windows, email window, photoshop, a program editor, and two windows explorers (becuz I was downloading files from the digital camera). Okay, a piker. Aren&#039;t I.<BR><BR>Color me a convert to multiple windows. I think it&#039;s only the old farts who have hardened arteries who don&#039;t like them. My arteries are fine, now that they replaced them.<BR><BR>

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