Generating pages from fields defined as "memo" dat

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Thread: Generating pages from fields defined as "memo" dat

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    Default Generating pages from fields defined as "memo" dat

    I&#039;m using ms access, and one of the fields in my database I have as a &#039;memo&#039; datatype because of the length it needs to be (255 char doesn&#039;t cut it! =) <BR>The problem is when I try to pull the info out to throw into the pages, it doesn&#039;t print it. this is what I&#039;m using:<BR><BR>&#060;%if (len(rstemp("Description"))&#062;1) then response.write rstemp("Description") & "<BR>"%&#062;<BR><BR>This does not work for memo for some reason, and its not throwing any errors. When I look at the source code for the page generated, it has printed the <BR> but nothing for the "description"<BR><BR>Anyone know what to do when trying to print out something contained in a memo data type?

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    Default Help!memo datatypes treated different by asp

    why and how are memo data types treated differently by asp?

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    Default RE: Generating pages from fields defined as

    you might wanna give this a try, as it works fine for me with a similar case.<BR><BR>&#060;%Response.Write rstMain("Database_Field")%&#062;<BR><BR>good luck!

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