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    I have a 12 tab strip, and when a user clicks on a tab, the background color of active tab is white and the rest are grey, here is the function that I use:<BR><BR>function showTab(intID, intMax){ <BR>for (i = 1; i &#060;= intMax; i++){ <BR>eval("spnTab" + i).style.backgroundColor = "#cccccc"; <BR>eval("tab" + i + "").style.visibility = "hidden"; <BR>} <BR>eval("tab" + intID).style.visibility = "visible"; <BR>eval("spnTab" + intID).style.backgroundColor = "#ffffff"; <BR>} <BR><BR>My question is that I want to have the active tab to have bold writing and a grey background. Is there any code I could add here to accomplish this?

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    my code anyway! how&#039;s it working for you? ;-) R&D Cascading Style Sheets and the DOM, you should find your answer...<BR>although it should be something like fontWeight or something<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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    Works great, thanks for the help that you gave me, I really appreciated it.

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