Hey There,<BR><BR>Can anyone give me a hint on how to get filedata stored in a DB into a<BR>physical file in VB.net?<BR><BR>I have created a system that allows the user to upload any kind of file to<BR>the database. The file&#039;s binary data is stored in a BLOB field in the<BR>SQL-Server. I can output these data to a browser showing the image (if<BR>gif/jpg) or opening the acociated program (msword, acrobat).<BR><BR>Since I need to do a bit of image editing (on valid images) using the<BR>graphics class, I would like to get the filedata out as a physical file, but<BR>this gives me troubles. I have tried to use different combinations of<BR>streamobjects, but cannot figure out how to get the data from the<BR>sqlDataReader object to the Stream object.<BR><BR>Please help.<BR><BR>