I am *tired* of this!

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Thread: I am *tired* of this!

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    Default I am *tired* of this!

    So I think I&#039;ll go downtown and do some shrimpin&#039; (you know, where you **** a man in the ***, blow a wad, then suck it out of his *** with a straw...mmmmmmm good!)<BR><BR>

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    one-toe Guest

    Default uhhh..no. <eop>


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    Hmmmmm Guest

    Default Man ...

    this guy knows an awful lot about gay sex.<BR>Guess he must have learned from experience. His father must be a good teacher .... sounds like he must have been a little rough though.<BR>I know his mom is.

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    Bill Wilkinson (*really*) Guest

    Default Actually, I *have* told Scott...

    ...that unless he institutes registration reasonably soon, I will boycott this site. Unfortunate, but what choice do we have when foul-mouthed children take it over?<BR><BR>All those who agree with me are encouraged to send Scott a message. You can use the FEEDBACK link on this page.<BR><BR>I quoted Akhilesh and Xanderno in my email. I also asked that he give some of us the ability to simply wipe offensive messages from the board. If he won&#039;t...<BR><BR>Well, maybe we can find a way to make EggHead&#039;s site popular.<BR><BR>

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    the other steve Guest

    Default can we block his ip already? <eop>


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    Default Sounds like a solid plan to me.<eop>


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    the other steve Guest

    Default can we block his ip already? <eop>


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    Hmmmmm Guest

    Default BLOCK MY IP?


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    module27 Guest

    Default Good Idea...

    I&#039;ll be sending Scott a message pronto.

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default RE: Actually, I *have* told Scott...

    Hmm<BR><BR>I agree. I will get an email out today/tomorrow.<BR><BR>I like to "BS" a little,but this is ridiculous.<BR><BR>Perhaps if the big posters all threaten to walk, it will happen.<BR><BR>(the man of many monikers *AND* someone who hates protesting (but its necessary) )

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