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    Spacy Guest

    Default Not a Great Forms Handling Question

    Hi, having some forms handling issues....whats the story??<BR><BR>I have a form set-up, it worked fine with the Submit button opening a new page in the same window, but then I decided I wanted to open a new window when the Submit button is clicked. Now the info in my Form fields don&#039;t come through???<BR><BR>Using...&#060;form METHOD=Post onsubmit=";Order_Sent_Email.asp&# 039;)&#062;<BR><BR>Can ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Blanco Guest

    Default This should work.....Let me know

    &#060;form METHOD=Post action="Order_Sent_Email.asp" target="_blank"&#062;<BR>

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    Spacy Guest

    Default Yes it does!! Thanks

    Great, thanks for that.

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    Blanco Guest

    Default cool, no problem.


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