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    Troy Guest

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    my main page opens up a a new window to logon. That page calls another logon page and then redirects back to the main page after setting the sessions.<BR><BR>Is it possable to redirect the parent window to a page and then close the current window?

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    window.opener lets you access the parent window. Just put:<BR><BR>if (window.opener) { //Makes sure it exists to avoid errors<BR>window.opener.location.href = whatever.asp //Redirects the parent window<BR>self.close() //Closes the child window<BR>}

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    Troy Guest

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    Thank you, but I don&#039;t understand how I integrate that with my logon ASP. <BR><BR>My logon form calls verifylogon.asp on submit. that page is only asp and just redirects to the main page. Do I put HTML in that page an onload call the javascipt funtion you wrote?<BR><BR>I am not seeing where I put the js functin.

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    Troy Guest

    Default what it is doing

    right now i have the code at the top of my logon page. when i click the logon link the box tries to open, then it automatically closes itself and redirects the main page to itself. i never even get the chance to logon

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