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    To normalize my DB I have a question table and an answer table to store Q&A&#039;s for tests. Each question has a different number of answers so I shouldn&#039;t combine it into one table. <BR><BR>However, if my question has 5 answers I have to insert five records for every question. <BR><BR>Is there a good way to do this withought making 5 different sql statements?<BR><BR>Do I use one recordset and clear it out each time and put the new insert statement inside, or do I create 5 sql statements and just loop it?<BR><BR>I can make it work, but I thought I would ask about the CORRECT way to do it.<BR><BR>

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    I am not completetly sure on how to do this, but have seen it done with some upload componets. Pretty much all of them, when uploading files, will insert each file as a seperate record. The ones that I have looked at are,,, and<BR><BR>Like I said, pretty much all of the them had examples where each file was added as a seperate record from 1 form. Most of those sites also have online documentation, so you don&#039;t have to d/l the program...just goto their site and look for the documentaion. <BR>Hope this helps, if it doesn&#039;t...sorry :(

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