Microsoft IIS ASP problems! PLASE HELP!

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Thread: Microsoft IIS ASP problems! PLASE HELP!

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    Hi, I am an IS tech running an ASP message board (IS trouble ticket) and an ASP scheduler utility for my office&#039;s intranet. Both the trouble ticket system and the scheduler call up Microsoft Access .mdb database files. For as long as I can remember, the information server has randomly and repeadately stopped accessing the database files. The only way to solve it is to either reset the server computer that it runs off of (which disrupts the entire office) or to remove and reinstall the internet information server. (I of course do this without resetting the computer afterwards, as it is the option which keeps everyone online and working in the office) <BR> Basically, I don&#039;t want to have to do either of those anymore. ASP on the MICROSOFT Internet Information Server, running on MICROSOFT Windows NT 4.0, which accesses MICROSOFT Access database files to display in MICROSOFT Internet Explorer on MICROSOFT Windows 98 systems should work! It seems there is no rhyme or reason to this problem. The only pattern noticeable is inconsistency. Very consistent inconsistency. <BR><BR>Extremely frustrated & seeking help or alternatives, <BR>Ian Glinka

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    You don&#039;t really "remove and reinstall the internet information server" do you ? - It&#039;d be simpler to stop and start the web service.<BR><BR>What error do you get when it stops accessing the database? and when it happens can you open the database from within Access? - perhaps you just need to compact and repair it periodically.<BR><BR>

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