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    I have an application using asp pages wherein the site user updates a table contained in an Access 2000 database at the site. I then need to either link to or import a copy of the table to an Access 2000 database in my office. Access to the web site requires use of a user name and password. I have attempted to execute a file search using a path of the type: "ftp://UserName;Password@SiteName/data" but do not reach the database.<BR><BR>How can this be done? An example would be helpful.

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    Is this a typo: ftp://UserName;Password@SiteName/data<BR>It should be: ftp://UserName:Password@SiteName/data (notice the colon not a semicolon)<BR>If that is a typo .. I am just trying to cover everything.<BR>Is the server you are trying to connect to configured for FTP?<BR>If the database is in a directory visible to the web you can download it via HTTP .. but then again everyone else would be able to also.<BR><BR>I hope any of this helps.

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