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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am experiencing a strange problem when trying to update records in an Access database. I pull out a RecordSet object according to the email address of the user in the database. Then, I tried to use the ASP Update method as follows:<BR><BR>rsObj.Fields.Item("email") = newMail;<BR><BR>rsObj.Update();<BR><BR>JScript continually throws the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft JScript runtime (0x800A01C2)<BR>Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment<BR><BR>It works fine on my account, but not on my personal IIS5.<BR><BR>I know I could use a SQL update statement instead, but it is really annoying me that my IIS may not be working properly. I couldn&#039;t find the answer anywhere on the Microsoft site and was wondering if anyone could help.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Danny

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    Did you put:<BR><BR>rsObj.AddNew<BR><BR>Before your rsObj.Fields.Item("email") = newMail;<BR><BR>it should look like this:<BR><BR>rsObj.AddNew<BR>rsObj.Fields.Item("em ail") = newMail;<BR>rsObj.Update();<BR><BR>- jim

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