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    Alphabet Guest

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    I have made a habit of using this site.<BR>This is the first thread I have started, I&#039m usually trying to answer questions.<BR>There are several MsgBoards on this site, they cover various topics and skill levels. I (among others) browse them all.<BR><BR>I answer simple questions I find in the basic ASP board.<BR>I do not answer BASIC ASP/HTML/javascript questions that I find in Advanced ASP (I am sarcastic and rude).<BR><BR>Makes sense doesn&#039t it ???

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    Volker Guest

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    I&#039m actually a bit disappointed from the level of this advanced messageboard here. I guess the problem for the guys, who always asked very basic questions is just to distinguish bewteen basic and advanced questions. <BR>May be the best way is to ignore those questions?<BR>But the funniest questions here are like these:<BR>Please tell me how to build a messageboard - or<BR>I want to make something similar the Yahoo-Webmail, how can I do that?<BR>What you should do with them? Should you provide the source code on the messageboard?<BR>Please tell me what to do...<BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    You write a component and come up with a lovely pricing scheme so you can offer to sell it to them.<BR><BR>(though I do confess I wish "they"&#039d check the FAQ list and maybe run a search on their topic first...)

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    Personally, I feel that this message board is here to help people. A new programmer might have difficulty in telling the difference between basic and advanced. After all, both things are defined only by perception in the first place.<BR>Even then, who are we to judge whether or not they are posting in the right area. They need help and we can give them the help they need. In the grand scheme of things, who cares if it&#039s not in the right area. All that matters, is the answer to their question.

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    e Guest

    Default personal opinion

    I tend to agree with this because to be honest <BR>I don&#039t have as much time as I used to to post so <BR>I reserve my time for harder questions that are actually<BR>advanced. It would help if before posting the user<BR>looked at the FAQ and then posted to the Basic ASP<BR>board if it&#039s is basic. Basic meaning stuff you can read<BR>on the microsoft site or in any asp book. Advanced meaning<BR>it can be done but who the hell knows how to do it?<BR><BR>Try to post an easy question on a PERL or C++ message board <BR>you will see the meaning of rude. They&#039ll flame the hell<BR>out of you. I know from experience ;-)<BR><BR>***rant**<BR><BR>The only thing I hate is when I try to help someone and they<BR>get pissed because I didn&#039t provide the code to make it work.<BR>I can give you an idea of how it works but hey I mean<BR>there is only so many hours in the day and comglomo owns<BR>most of them.<BR><BR>**end rant**<BR><BR>So your not alone in this feeling, but I&#039m sure Scott appreciates<BR>your help. The ASP community is growing because of the help<BR>that we, established developers, provide.<BR><BR>

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    John Weeflaar Guest

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    Wow, this is an interesting topic in itself!<BR>I tend to be in the middle boat between Alphabet and Erick.<BR>I agree with Alphabet, Jason and e in that it would help to look at the FAQ first before posting ...<BR>At the same time I agree with Erick. Help other human beings if you can.<BR><BR>It is sometimes difficult to consider whether a question is basic or advanced. What was advanced a while ago is now basic. <BR>Some basic questions are actually advanced as they need some thought to figure out.<BR><BR>I would give a direction to someone&#039s question rather than barking out them or not answering their question if I think they wrongly posted.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>John

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    i don&#039t think it&#039s necessary to be rude, but it would be nice if questions were more on topic.<BR><BR>what annoys me is when a person comes in and posts the same question to every board, all within a span of 15 minutes.<BR><BR>here&#039s what what i usually see in the asp groups at microsoft.public : a question covered in a faq is answered solely with a link to the relevant faq. off-topic posters and other netiquette abusers are informed of their transgressions and admonished to shape up.<BR><BR>i wouldn&#039t mind seeing these messageboards move to that kind of system.<BR><BR>kurt

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