How to make an asp retreive data faster

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Thread: How to make an asp retreive data faster

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    Default How to make an asp retreive data faster

    well this is in continuation to my earlier post, for which I havent got any reply.<BR><BR>Well I wanted to know what are the finer points in getting the data faster using ADO for Access DB.<BR>I have done the following<BR>1. DSNLess COnnection<BR>2. Cursor - adopenkeyset<BR><BR>Thanks anyway.

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    Default Dont' use MS Access... probably the best suggestion I could give. It is not designed to work well with more than just a few simultaneous requests.<BR><BR>The adOpenKeySet is not the fastest read only cursor. I&#039;d probably set these type options on the recordset:<BR><BR> oRS.CursorType = adOpenStatic <BR> oRS.LockType = adLockReadOnly<BR><BR> oRS.CursorType = adOpenForwardOnly is the same as<BR> Static but only allows forward <BR> movement through the recordset.<BR><BR>Then, check your indexes on the Access database and compare<BR>them to your most common queries. Determine whether you&#039;ve<BR>got the necessary indexes create properly.

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    Default Also....

    set the oRS.CachSize property to an approriate value; this is the number of records that are retrieved from the database into local memory at one time.

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