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    Hey guys -<BR><BR>I&#039;m nearly tearing my hair out about where to start on this one! A Microsoft page directed me to you guys, goes...<BR><BR>Is it possible to have a link to an ASP page that updates a database (e.g. "Delete.asp?id=3") that DOES NOT serve up a new page? My application has a table of data, with links to delete or approve each row, but the users complain it&#039;s too slow because I make the page refresh each time they click a link. Can you just click a link that tells the server to do something, without changing/refreshing the page?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Thomas, IT Consultant

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    You have to do the round trip to the server, the best way is to hide this from the user by using one of the following methods:<BR><BR>&#062; IFRAME<BR><BR>&#062; Hidden Frame<BR><BR>&#062; ActiveX control.<BR><BR>I would recommend you use a Hidden frame as it uses old technology that works with most browsers, basically create a frameset with one frame of 0 size, this will be used for the database updating scripts, the main page does not have to refresh, you can just use a bit of Javascript to interact with the hidden frame.

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