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    I have a horizontal dropdownmenubar just as in microsoft site and just below menubar i have a flash movie when i click on menubar it shows all its links in IE but as i do in netscape the links hide behind the flash movie.<BR>Can any one give a solution for this problem.<BR>Thanks in advanced

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    You might try using z-index in CSS, but if your talking about netscape 4.x it probably wont understand that anyway.

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    Default Flash & HTML Z-order

    Flash will always stick itself on top of any HTML, whether that HTML is dynamically created or static, or whether the HTML element has a high z-index or not.<BR><BR>Basically Flash thinks it&#039;s the most important so puts itself on top.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve had this problem with a multitude of sites.<BR><BR>Only solution is to move the flash image so that it doesn&#039;t clash with the drop-down.<BR><BR>Craig.

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