Need to batch parse .txt files to database

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Thread: Need to batch parse .txt files to database

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    Default Need to batch parse .txt files to database

    Anyone know of a GOOD article that explains this? There's nothing on this board. I've checked all of the articles. They closest they come is reading a FSO. Doesn't help.

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    Default Define 'parse'

    That can mean anything from looking for a particular string in a set of text to converting C++ source code text into a token stream to trying to check for correct English grammar (so far, an unsolved problem).<BR><BR>How can *we* tell what you want to do? <BR><BR>If you are talking about deciphering plain-text resumes and trying to (for example) extract the sender&#039;s name, address, phone number, email address, etc., etc. Well, I think that&#039;s a hopeless task. Unless you have a *format* that the user *must* follow, then I don&#039;t see how you&#039;ll ever write a program that does a good job at figuring all that out.<BR><BR>One things for certain, you&#039;d never write it in VBScript. <BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Define 'parse'

    I knew it was possible, just not sure how. A company called Recruitmax had done it once, but I believe it was with DLL&#039;s & OCX&#039;s, and heck if I know how to take apart the program to look at the code.

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