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    I know I&#039;ve been asking a lot lately... but I&#039;m trying to learn this stuff :-)<BR><BR>I&#039;m back to using JScript for my site. I&#039;d like to have a current count of users for my site. I&#039;m sure you&#039;ve all seen this before, but if not you can see an example at<BR><BR>I read a few articles and they suggested using an Application variable and the Session_OnStart() and Session_OnEnd() methods to increment and decrement that variable. I implemented this, but soon found out that Session_OnEnd() is very unreliable. (thanks to this board, I believe)<BR><BR>So... my question is this: what is the best way to keep a count of the active users? Or can you even realistically do this?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot!

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    There are several ways, The most reliable would be a session variable but it&#039;s a drain if you have a really busy site as are most things like this. Is it really necessary or do you think users really care how many people are on the site? Not a knock but just food for thought.

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