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    I have successfully installed PWS, and want to create some databases. How do I proseed? I don&#039;t have Access or anything istalled(i think). Where can i get hold of that. Mayby it&#039;s easiest to install SQL, or does this require Access?<BR><BR>Please help.

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    you NEED a database product of some sort. SQL Server is bloody expensive, and a bit much for a newbie. I&#039;d advise you to find a copy of Access or at worst another ODBC-compatible datatbase (I started with a coverdisc copy of Lotus Smart Suite, of all things, before I actually bit the bullet and forked out the cash)<BR><BR>j

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    As atrax says, I would recomend that you get yourself a copy of Access. There are plenty of tutorials on the net using Access.<BR><BR>It isn&#039;t the ideal database, but it is good for beginners.

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