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    Default Problem with CDONTS email sending

    Hello,<BR>I have an odd problem sending emails with CDONTS and wondered if anyone had seen it (and fixed it!).<BR><BR>A send email ASP script that works on my win 2K pro development machine sends an email fine. The same code "cut and pasted" onto my client&#039;s same spec server does not send mail. It goes through the script as if it is sending a mail - there are no errors sent out. However, no email ever arrives.<BR><BR>The method of internet connection is different on the client&#039;s computer and I wondered if this could be a firewall issue or a conflict with their own mail server. CDONTS is sending mail from their own domain though, so I would be surprised if a Firewall is blocking anything outgoing.<BR><BR>Any ideas, anyone?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default have a look....

    ...your BadMail folder, you can usually open up the files in there (if present) with an Email client. Then it&#039;s easier to see a reason for it not being sent and/or a returned mail file.

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