vb Com object nop longer works when deployed

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Thread: vb Com object nop longer works when deployed

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    I have a vb com object (dll) that contains all of my database <BR>transactions. I call server.createobject(mydll) in my asp application to get access to the various vb routines that return data from my oracle db.This all works fine on my development machine. To take a stab at deployment, I copied the asp project(thru visual interdev) to my target server and registered my vb dll there also. When I try to call up the asp page from any other machine, I get only one listbox that is hardcoded and all my data that should be returned from the vb dll is not displayed. <BR>I have tried to see if this is a security issue by adding the IUSR_MACHINE user to the admin group and giving it Full Control access to the entire tree on the server where the vb dll lives. (maybe a little overkill!) AND I tried enabling auditing for file and object access - the event log was empty!<BR>ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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    It sounds vague and sarcastic but isn&#039t. Try to figure out what the exact error is and work from there. When writing VB Dlls I try to test for any possible error conditions that might occur, even when it seems impossible. Any time any condition might screw up your code, test for it and raise an error (via err.raise or whatever). <BR><BR>I can&#039t imagine that there is no error occurring at all even without the above provisions (from my experience you will get errors even if you don&#039t raise them when stuff goes bad), so I assume that maybe you are using On Error Resume Next but not actually checking the error?

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