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Thread: Dealing with double quotes????

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    Perini14 Guest

    Default Dealing with double quotes????

    How do I replace all double quotes in database field with &quot; so that the text will display correct in form field. I tryed:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>tema=replace(rs("tema")," "","&quot;")<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;input type="text" value="&#060;%=tema%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>RS is the recordset. I get an error in replace function. How to do it?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Hmmm

    You&#039;re replacing " with " . One too few ". Try this:<BR><BR>tema=replace(rs("tema"),""","""")

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    Perini 14 Guest

    Default No, no, no !!

    I must use &quot; string for corect display in text field of a form, and before I put rs("tema") in value, I must replace all " signs that can exists in that field with &quot;!<BR><BR>IMHO the error is in """ in this function<BR>tema=replace(rs("tema"),""","&quot;")< BR><BR>Help!!!<BR>

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    Default Ok do it your way then but

    did you even try my solution? Good luck.

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    Doug BTW Guest

    Default RE: No, no, no !!

    Do you see why you are getting the error? Your says replace " with ". There is no replace there. Doesn&#039;t that make sense to you?The code I gave you will do what you want if you&#039;ll just try it.

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