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    I put an activex control(ms. date time picker) in my html, i put codebase in object tag so it will download to client PC, i also put pkl file for the licence created by pkl-tool software.<BR>But when i see in browser, it still say that the activex is unsafe, what should i do, so this activex recognized as safe activex ? (i dont want to ask client to let unsafe activex going through their PC) <BR><BR>thanx a lot.

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    security settings will affect this.<BR><BR>basically, if IE&#039;s browser setting is higher than &#039;low&#039;, you&#039;ll get a warning on ActiveX Controls that IE doesn&#039;t recognise. so tough.

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    Default you need to....

    obtain a software publisher certificate.<BR>see for more info on this. once you have a cert, you can then sign activex controls you have developed yourself.

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