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    I am tring to Redim an array using a predefined variable, but I keep running into problems.<BR><BR>Is the following code legal?<BR><BR>Dim intNumber<BR>Dim arrUsers()<BR><BR>intNumber = 5<BR>Redim Preserve arrUsers(intNumber)<BR>

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    Yes. Its Legal and it works<BR><BR>I wrote a small test code by just extending the code you wrote. <BR>********************************************** **********<BR>Dim intNumber <BR>Dim arrUsers() <BR><BR>intNumber = 5 <BR>Redim Preserve arrUsers(intNumber) <BR>arrUsers(0) = "H"<BR>arrUsers(1) = "E"<BR>arrUsers(2) = "L"<BR>arrUsers(3) = "L"<BR>arrUsers(4) = "O"<BR><BR>for i=0 to Ubound(arrUsers)<BR> Response.write arrUsers(i)<BR>next <BR><BR>*****************************************< BR>This code displays "HELLO"<BR>It works perfectly fine.<BR><BR>What is the problem you are facing?

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