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    Finally got my site live...<BR><BR>Regarding database administering, or changing stuff around in my database. What is the best way to do this? I could download a copy via ftp off of my server and change it and then upload again but then I lose the changes my users made while I was working on it! Plus my database will get big after a while... So how do I do this safely and efficiently?? I am using access 2000 currently. Thank you

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    How much are you changing the database. If it&#039;s relativly minor, you can have a local copy that mirrors the live DB, make your changes to the DB and ASP pages...then when you are ready to go live with the changes, just change the live DB and upload the ASP pages.<BR><BR>If you are doing really complicated stuff you may have to find a way to import live data into the new database, which can add significant dev time to the project.

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