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    search engines dont accept an asp page with a querystring, but our pages are different based on the querystring. is there a workaround to this problem? thanks<BR>

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    Actually there is a workaround to that problem. Since search engines dont accept urls with a ? in em u cant add your page and so you cant get your page indexed. What you need to do is far from asp but very usefull. You need to develop a JAVA program that resides on the server and turns your ? into a string that a search engine do accept.

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    Hi<BR><BR>I&#039m just a beginner i ASP, but wouldn&#039t this solve problem...?<BR><BR>If you must have a default value or likewise for your querystring, just index yourpage.asp at the searchengines and put something like:<BR><BR>If myString = "" then myString = "neededvalue". This works for me.<BR>Tell me if I&#039m way of target<BR><BR><BR>Espen

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