When are Modification available for the Rest of my

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Thread: When are Modification available for the Rest of my

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    I modified a record in a database with an asp script using SQL. Later in the script I created a query that should have come up EOF because of my modification, but the query didn&#039;t reflect the modification. After running the script I looked in the database, and the modification was definitely made, but it was not reflected in the RS query later in the script. <BR>Why is this?<BR><BR>Also, I have lot of record sets in this one script and it is getting a little confusing. Should I name all the Record Sets (objRS) or make them all with different names? The script will work either way, but I thought someone might have advice for doing it a particular way.... Perhaps a record set naming scheme…. Don’t you just hate how objRS has those two capital letters on the end of it? anything you append to that name looks like crap cause you have to make the next word lower case. Silly I guess….

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    Default It should be available....

    Immediately....Perhaps show your code? <BR>I always reuse recordsets when I can...No sense in creating extra code and overhead that you don&#039;t need. When I need multiple recordsets....I use RS, RS1, RS2, etc. <BR>And no...I don&#039;t mind those two capital letters at the end of objR. :-)

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