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    arijit goswami Guest

    Default databasse access in asp page

    I have made one asp page where there are two one line text boxes,one for userid and the second for password.I want that each user should get a different content related to them when they enters there userid and password that will be given to them by me.I want to save the contents in a access database.How do I proceed and what should be the code as i am absollutely new to asp I don't know how to proceed.Thank you.

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    Really very simple.<BR><BR>If Username = "someone" and password = "something" then <BR>whatever you want to do here.<BR><BR>Can I also say that a good basic asp book would help you a great deal in learning much more quickly and better than posting questions.

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    arijit goswami Guest

    Default need urgent reply

    thanks for your reply,but I am in urgent need for the reply and i don&#039;t know how to go for it.please reply back in details with correct answer.

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    Default What type of contents?<eop>


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