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    hi,<BR>I have two functions called x() and y(). Everytime I execute the function x() but y() needs to performed only when a certain condition is encountered. But the x() functions needs to call y(). Can I call a function from within another function. Because when I do so it does not show any output. I tried giving response.write before and after the call of the second function. The first statement is shown but the second statement ie. after the call of function is never shown... what could be the reason?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>You can very well call a function within another functions provided the functionality is nested properly. Try giving response.write within y() to check if it is actually entering into y()<BR><BR>give it a try.!!!!

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    Default it's not

    Hi ,<BR>I tried to give a response.write in the function y().. but I don&#039;t know why it is not reaching there.... it&#039;s getting lost somewhere in between.

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