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    I know I posted this yest but I only got one reply. Maybee its my fault but please input if you can help<BR>---------------------<BR>Hey guys,<BR>ok this is what I have to do. My task is to design a DB and implement it with a matchmaking site which I will create once the DB is done. The way this works is people will<BR>1) Register to get a username and password on the site. This allows them to search other peoples profile. we simply ask for very minimal here eg(username, pass, email, name, country, gender, postal/zip, etc)<BR>2) They may also fill out their own profile so people can search them.<BR>3) Then they may fill out an extended profile which has simply more questions.<BR><BR>The way they will communicate together is through an internal messaging system, which I have yet to build. If you have any ideas on this please post or send me an email<BR><BR>So far I have created the first 2 steps of the registration. This is my first week ever using SQL server or building any db application for that matter. I have read a whole lot of database normalization stuff online and I think i got the first 3 normal forms down pat. Anyway this is what I have so far. Its a picture of the tables and relationships of the database. Only the first 2 stages of the registration are accounted for, I have yet to put in the 3rd one I kindof wanna make sure Im on the right path. Please input all comments are welcome.<BR><BR>The link to the picture of the DB is:<BR><BR><BR>NOTE: This site is sopposed to be very similar to Theirs is very well done. One question though. They have a UID and a username in their DB (check out address after query). Why would this be needed, as in 2 unique fields. Wht do people need two unique ID&#039;s to simply represent the same person or thing on the DB? They also use GUID&#039;s which I think I will use to track the user&#039;s session. <BR><BR>Thanks for anything guys<BR>PS Im really new to SQL Server<BR>Mike Matta

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    Default looks like you have a great start....

    as far as the IDs, i would just use an integer as the ID field, no reason to use more than one and a GUID is too big and makes more work for the database than there needs to be.

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    thanks alot for your reply<BR><BR>1)What I was trying to say is what is the use of the UID if I already have a unique field which is the username? Why would DBA or Programmers of DB make 2 or more unique fields that relate to the same thing or person. If you go to you notice that every user has his own uid. And obviously they have their own username too.<BR><BR>1) Also how do people make custom UID like 124235H4V? Is there a proper way to write/program these UID&#039;s? Do I make them in the custom data types section of SQL?<BR><BR>Again thanks for the reply and constructive criticism. Really appreciated.<BR><BR>Mike M

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