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    a menu,three options,respectively A~{!"~}B~{!"~}C.Now i wanna it show in the way of picture after submit,that is like followed: <BR>if xxx=a,show a.gif,b for b.gif,and c for c.gif,how it could be done? <BR>My code is: <BR>&#060;% <BR><BR> select case Request.QueryString("xxx") <BR> case "a" <BR> img="a.gif" <BR> <BR> case "b" <BR> img="b.gif" <BR> <BR> case "c" <BR> img="c.gif" <BR><BR> end select <BR><BR> %&#062; <BR> &#060;img src=&#039;&#060;%=img%&#062;.gif&#039;&#062; <BR><BR>but the pic could not show,not mentioned pic show respectively,what is wrong?

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    Default Crosspost. Answered in Q&A <eop>


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