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    For some odd reason, when I run my SQL statement, it return two of each item in the table (they are identicle, I might add). Sure, I could to two RS.movements, but I&#039;d rather have it work right instead of faking it... can anyone see what is up here? <BR><BR>SQL="SELECT SmGroup.TPage, SmDetail.Tool#, Quantity_Owned, TDesc, Notes, RevDte, Rev#, RevOld FROM SmDetail, SmGroup, EquipQuant WHERE SmDetail.TPage = SmGroup.TPage and SmDetail.Tool# = EquipQuant.Tool# and SmDetail.Tool# LIKE &#039;%" &Toolnum& "%&#039;" <BR><BR>If I take out the refrences to EquipQuant, it runs fine and returns only one result for each tool number (there are just one of each tool number, so this is how it should be). <BR><BR>Any ideas anyone? I&#039;ve been on this for four hours now and am getitng nowhere fast.

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    Default Select diistinct?


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