Using a Insert Comma Delimited String (ProductSize

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Thread: Using a Insert Comma Delimited String (ProductSize

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    Default Using a Insert Comma Delimited String (ProductSize

    I would really like to know how I can take a comma delimited string (created from multiple checkbox selections), SizeID, and Insert it into a table, tblProductSizes, with the same ProductID. This way each ProductID can have multiple SizeID&#039;s enter from the same form. Follow me?<BR><BR>I am using Dreamweaver UltraDev so you can tell that I am an ASP novice. I know that I will have to create an Array of the string somehow and then do an Insert loop to enter the values one at a time, but I have absolutely no idea where to start.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance if anyone can help me. Please email me if you respond.<BR><BR>Steve

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