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    I have a page (page1) that has just the menu and some placeholders on initial load. Then I click on a link in my menu to open up a pop-up to do a search. Then the recordset is returned to page1 and displayed on a table. I got the returning and diplaying functions coded in Javascript. What I want to do (and I dont&#039; know how) is to show this table only when the pop-up window is closed (that is only when a recordset is returned and to be displayed).<BR><BR>I hope I make sense. If not, let me know and I&#039;ll explain further. Thanks for any help.

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    When you&#039;re getting your recordset, set a boolean variable to true and only show the table if that variable is true. In your asp code have:<BR><BR>if not rs.EOF then &#039;Getting the recordset<BR><BR>bShow = true<BR>...<BR><BR>Then in your html code, use asp to check if the value is true and if so, write the table:<BR><BR>&#060;%if bShow then%&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;table&#062;<BR>...<BR>&#0 60;%end if%&#062;<BR><BR>Hope that helps

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    Thanks Peter,but now that I don&#039;t have the table shown on load the pop up window doesn&#039;t know where to post the recordset because that table is not there. You see, I&#039;m using window.opener.form1.text1.value = rsfield from the pop-up to display the rs. I actually don&#039;t run ASP to get the rs on this parent page, but only on the pop-up. (I open the popup, run my asp in there to grab the rs when the submit button is clicked, get rs string, parses them into fields then return these fields into my parent page textboxes found within the table.)<BR><BR>

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