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    I have a summery page that inserts a new record into a database from method="post" form variables after a user has filled out a form. Upon this process a unique ID is snagged from a stored procedure and gets inserted into the table along with the form data. My problem is: If a user decides to "refresh" the page after the insert has occured, my page re-loads, gets sent the same form variables, gets a new unique ID and inserts another record into the DB with all of the same info from the previous post but now with a NEW ID number! How can I prevent another insert from occuring???

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    After they submit the info, push &#039;em to another page. <BR><BR>

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    The page that does the insert is the summary page where the new record gets displayed (after inserted) in case the user wants to update the record. It would be a big re-design to push the user to another page.

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    Set a flag (session varible perhaps?) that says they have already registered... then when they refresh, it will just skipp over that stuff.<BR>

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