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Thread: Can someone give me a lending hand please review D

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    Hey guys,<BR>ok this is what I have to do. My task is to design a DB and implement it with a matchmaking site which I will create once the DB is done. The way this works is people will<BR>1) Register to get a username and password on the site. This allows them to search other peoples profile. we simply ask for very minimal here eg(username, pass, email, name, country, gender, postal/zip, etc)<BR>2) They may also fill out their own profile so people can search them.<BR>3) Then they may fill out an extended profile which has simply more questions.<BR><BR>The way they will communicate together is through an internal messaging system, which I have yet to build. If you have any ideas on this please post or send me an email<BR><BR>So far I have created the first 2 steps of the registration. This is my first week ever using SQL server or building any db application for that matter. I have read a whole lot of database normalization stuff online and I think i got the first 3 normal forms down pat. Anyway this is what I have so far. Its a picture of the tables and relationships of the database. Only the first 2 stages of the registration are accounted for, I have yet to put in the 3rd one I kindof wanna make sure Im on the right path. Please input all comments are welcome.<BR><BR>The link to the picture of the DB is:<BR><BR><BR>NOTE: This site is sopposed to be very similar to Theirs is very well done. One question though. They have a UID and a username in their DB (check out address after query). Why would this be needed, as in 2 unique fields. Wht do people need two unique ID&#039;s to simply represent the same person or thing on the DB? They also use GUID&#039;s which I think I will use to track the user&#039;s session. <BR><BR>Thanks for anything guys<BR>please by kind Im really new to SQL Server

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    1. I don&#039;t think you need the GenderInfo table (for obvious reasons).<BR><BR>2. I don&#039;t believe there needs to be a relationship between profile_lookngForm and pofile_build (since username is the primary key in UserInfo).<BR><BR>3. Isn&#039;t province the same as state (you might want to keep these separate)?<BR>

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