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    JustinS Guest

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    Hiya all,<BR><BR>I have a "password page" whereby what a user enters in the "username" and "password" boxes is matched up against fields in an Access table. It works perfectly, but has one problem - the "form action=blah.asp" (ie where the user is forwarded to after entering a correct combination is displayed when you view the source of the page (as are the username & password details) *argh*<BR><BR>What I need to do essentially is encapsulate a <BR><BR>&#060;FORM ACTION="blah.asp" method="post"&#062;<BR>and 2<BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="username" value="&#060;%=CRset("users")&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR> Any ideas anyone? as this has stumped me completely =(<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Justin<BR><BR>PS: I&#039ve tried putting them in as Response.Write lines but either it doesn&#039t like the additional "s or (when I get rid of those) it tells me that the form cannot be submitted in this way.. *argh*

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Have the form page use itself as an action. <BR><BR>function handleSubmitted(strName, strPW)<BR> if isValid(StrName) and isValid(strPW) <BR> response.redirect "nextPage.asp"<BR> else<BR> response.redirect "www.disney.com" &#039 Insert Evil Cackle here.<BR> end if<BR>end function

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