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    Sid Guest

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    I have code like below and was written by some one.<BR>Dim spt <BR>Set spt= Server.CreateObject("abc.done") <BR>Dim sHTM <BR>sHTM= spt.GetHTML(1000,&#039;status&#039;) <BR><BR>I am not able to find where GETHTML is. can some one tell me what is &#039;abc&#039; and &#039;done&#039; in the above code?. <BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Sid

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    abc is a project. <BR>done is a class<BR>GetHTML is method for that class<BR><BR>The previous user written his own COM.

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    abc --&#062; the component&#039;s projectname<BR>done --&#062; the project&#039;s class name<BR><BR>he is instatiating the VBclass in to ASP to a variable "spt"<BR><BR>now he is calling a method "GETHTML" of the class he he says spt.GETHTML(....)<BR><BR>

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    Nito Nachmittag Guest

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    GetHTML is inside a dll somewhere.. i&#039;m, however, not exactly sure what abc.done is.. i think abc is a dll name and done is the class name inside that dll... totally not sure.<BR><BR>Nito

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