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Thread: Access Make-Table Queries -- Reformatting and ASP

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    Default Access Make-Table Queries -- Reformatting and ASP

    Recently I was instructed to replace a column's worth of data in an Access 2000 database with another column's worth of data. As this new column from a new table used the same primary key as the original table, a make-table query did the job perfectly. The itent is to replace the original table with this newly made table. Just to be safe, I gave the newly made table a different name because of the following issue: As the formatting of yes/no fields among other types is not retained in a make-table query (the original table defaults on checkboxes; make-tables turns them into 0s and -1s), and as several ASP pages are tied to this table, assuming that all field names are the same, would replacing the original table with a make-table affect the Website?

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    Default RE: Access Make-Table Queries -- Zero Length and A

    THIS JUST IN -- Apparently the Make Table Query in Access sets all its fields to No in accepting Zero Length -- which may result in a common ASP error message regarding zero-length strings, depending on the fields and whether data entry is involved on the Web site. Any other thoughts on Access 2000 Make-Table Queries?

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