I like using the include command in asp. It was the first command I started using and have been using it a great deal. It is the command : <BR><BR>&#060;!--#include file="include.insert"--&#062;<BR><BR>What I need to to is include a page with in my asp "frames" that is I have four insert/include files that my .asp file gets its top.insert bottom.insert left.insert right.insert What i want to do is insert a file in to the middle of my page, mutch like one would do if he had frames, the file however is not on the same site as my asp page. <BR><BR>Say for example I want to link this file http://www.thefile.com/iwant/tolink.insert<BR> (An example, I dont have a page at this url)<BR><BR>But my asp page is on <BR>http://www.myweb.com/web.asp<BR> (An example, I dont have a page at this url)<BR><BR>Any one know how this can be done?<BR><BR>Hope you can help<BR>Pall Th Palsson<BR>palli@kasmir.is