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    Hello all...<BR>My current client now wants me to &#039;add&#039; an Invoice module. What&#039;s needed, is the pretty standard 6 columnar layout like this...<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------<BR>ITEM DESCRIPTION PART# QUANTITY COST TOTAL<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Where the user will fill in field after field, and I&#039;ll have asp figure out the total (QUANTITY * COST) and put that into the TOTAL field.<BR><BR>Pretty simple, &#039;cept it&#039;s all gotta be stored into a database table so the Admin folks can call up same to take a look see at old invoices. With more than say 20 rows, this is a LARGE bit of code as I&#039;m figuring that I&#039;ll have to put an &#060;input&#062; box into each of 6 * 20 = 120 fields to code.<BR><BR>Anyone got a pointer here to an easy solution? Can I use (somehow) a loop to set up the &#060;input&#062; table somehow? Or am I looking at hundreds of lines of code -- ugh? Help here guys?<BR><BR>Jim

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    Why not take a look at some of the free e-commerce apps at

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    you can always setup a loop to array through every input field on a form. There is a request.form.count option to use for this. However I would recommend getting a book to get started.<BR><BR>Doing simple math like quantity * cost can be done 2 ways. Client side using javascript or server side with asp. Both will work. It&#039;s a simple matter of pulling information from certain fields and adding, subtracting or multiplying together. The difference is that with jscript you can make it LIVE (e.g the amounts calculate while the user is looking at the screen), but with ASP you need to process the math on the server which requires a submission of the form thus requiring 2 webpages.<BR><BR>Then there is the database which can also be done with either language. It&#039;s just a matter of picking one and figuring it out.

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