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    Hi all <BR><BR>I am using Response.AddHeader Method to download a File from the Server.Now I want to redirect my page to some other file after the download is over,but when I say response.redirect "a.asp" I am directly taken to file a.asp without the downloading function being called (In my downloading function contained in a file called download.asp I have written the response.AddHeader method)After the function i call response.Redirect a.asp now tell me how and what are the conditions for using an AddHeader property and how can i now call the download function and aswell after that operation(download) redirect to some page a.asp<BR><BR><BR>Urgent plz<BR>Arun

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    have you tried redirecting via the client? Do this for the BODY onLoad event.....<BR><BR>location.href=&#039;nextpage.asp &#039;;

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