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    Folks<BR><BR>any good tips for re-registering a COM dll on a IIS 4 webserver without<BR>rebooting?<BR>I am unable to copy the new dll over the old as the application has been<BR>accessed in the last couple of hours and hence has been loaded into memory<BR>by IIS.<BR><BR>We stopped and started the iis server but with no success.<BR>I also tried a regsvr32 /u to unregister the dll and that gave me a success<BR>message.<BR><BR>I am able to do this in IIS 5.0 by upping the application protection to High<BR>(Isolated) and then re-starting IIS.<BR><BR>Steve

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    There are programs that will unload DLLs from memory, but that can be dangerous. <BR><BR>I struggled with this same problem until I started putting my DLLs into COM+ Services. The easiest way of doing that is to create the application in IIS as an isolated application. That way, it shows up in the list of COM+ Applications. Then you can just drag the DLL from Explorer into the MMC (in the Components window of your application) and it will automatically load it. When you want to rewrite the DLL, Unload the application in IIS and delete the components from the COM+ application. Rewrite the DLL and drag it back into the Components window.<BR><BR>Anyway, hope that helps. If you don&#039;t use COM+, I don&#039;t know of another way of unloading the DLL from memory.<BR><BR>Mike

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