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    your opinion on this.<BR><BR>I was reading the thread on .NET, Java and VB.<BR><BR>Someone said that it would be hard for a VB programmer to work with .NET since it will change so much. But my question is, <BR><BR>"Is it going to be harder for someone with **only** ASP knowledge or someone with VB knowledge?<BR><BR>From what I&#039;ve heard, .NET will be OOP and since VB programmer are closer to that kind of programming shouldn&#039;t be easier for them to learn .NET ?<BR><BR>Let&#039;s say I only know ASP and some VBScript why would it be easier for me to learn .NET ?<BR><BR>If I understand correctly of course :-)<BR><BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince<BR><BR>So why

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    it would be harder for someone with only asp (vbscript) experience to catch on<BR><BR>if you&#039;ve written your own com objects, however, in vb i think you&#039;ll have a little more of a headstart<BR><BR>i still say, don&#039;t worry too much - just get in and get your feet wet and have fun with it - oop concepts really aren&#039;t all that difficult - we use them all the time in asp (well, not ALL of them, i guess), even if we don&#039;t realize it

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    Default and after all of that...

    ...i bid you all a good night and a wonderful weekend<BR><BR>i&#039;m heading home

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    Well, I have some time to stall since my wife is asking me to fix up the house (so I told her I&#039;m doing a "work related" project right now)<BR><BR>&#062;&#062;oop concepts really aren&#039;t all that difficult - <BR><BR>I totally disagree with you on this one. Maybe not difficult to understand, but try and implement these concepts into a real world project. If you&#039;ve ever attempted this, implementing an OOP project is very difficult and time consuming. Oh, in theory and from examples in books it appears easy, but try and do a real world project. For instance, give me a real world solution for using polymorphism -- write a class that will use this. I tried it today, and it&#039;s a bit more difficult to find the right way to implement it (or more than likely I&#039;m just a normal dumbass ;)<BR><BR>&#062;&#062;we use them all the time in asp <BR><BR>You don&#039;t even use one of them in ASP. Well, maybe under the sheets it happens, but not directly. VB (and VBScript) are NOT OOP languages -- don&#039;t fool yourself into thinking these things are.<BR><BR>Perhaps I just catch on slower.. sure, I can write OOP projects that use things like<BR><BR>Class Animal<BR><BR>Class Dog extends Animal<BR><BR>public abstract makeSound()<BR>//dog will go woof<BR><BR><BR>but really do a business solution that uses these -- inheritance is probably the most common and the most useful. Encapsulation -- well, I&#039;ll give that one that VB can kinda do it. Polymorphism -- a toughie. <BR><BR>So is this going to be difficult? No, but it WILL be a different way of thinking and a different way of implementing new projects. It&#039;s gonna be a rocky start, but it&#039;ll catch on. <BR><BR>Back to work....

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