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    Hello,<BR>I have a table called Test that contains :<BR>1. userid<BR>2. testid<BR><BR>I have another table called response that contains :<BR><BR>1. testid<BR>2. question<BR>3. answer<BR>4. number<BR><BR>I created a table called History which is set up like this:<BR><BR>1. testid<BR>2. question<BR>3. answer<BR>4. number<BR>5. userid<BR><BR>Its is a compination of the 2 tables. How do I create an Insert stayment that grabs the userid and testid from Test and grabs question, answer, number from response and inserts userid,testid,question,answer and response into history?<BR><BR>I have been killing myself over this one? <BR>thanks for th ehelp in advance.

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    insert into History(userid,testid,question,answer) select distinct test.userid, test.testid, response.question, response.answer from test, response where test.testid = response.testid

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