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    Hi there;<BR>This is my first attempt to incorporate a database into my website.<BR>I created an Access2000 databse. <BR>Next I made a little template in HTML called dbview.htm.<BR>Then I went into Frontpage and created a database connection using Database Results Wizard. I verfied the database and it gave me a check mark OK. <BR>I created a link in dbview.htm to links.asp which has the database results region.<BR>When I click on the link for links.asp I get a table with the field names and one row. IN the row is this "&#062; <BR>When I click on the "&#062; it brings me back to the dbview.htm file.<BR>Is there a missing link? (no pun intended :-)<BR>Maybe the asp file is not linked to the Access file?<BR>I appreciate any comments<BR>TIA<BR>Mike<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    The "&#062; is a mixup. You must have gone into the html and edited something. Check the source code again. FrontPage is good for fast creation, BUT, you also have to realize...that it has it&#039;s own ideas of how your code should be written, and will change your own code to suit it&#039;s own purposes from time to time. If you&#039;re looking for a GUI web developing program, I&#039;d suggest Macromedia UltraDev, or VisualInterDev. Both have excellent Database features.

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    Michael Noonan Guest

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    Thanks Steve.<BR>I will check the HTML.<BR>Cheers<BR>Mike

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