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    I would like to open the doors on creating a relationship with all web masters and introduce a proposition that could provide you with a lucrative source of revenue. <BR>INYC is a managed service provider (MSP) focused on offering one-stop, turn-key solutions for a wide array of Internet needs including: Colocation, Dedicated Server solutions, Web Hosting, High Speed Internet Access via DSL and T1 (leased line) technologies, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), website development, and e-commerce solutions. If you visit us www.inyc.com and review our products yourself, you&#039;ll see that it seems very complementary to what you offer. <BR>Recently, we have launched an affiliate program where you can earn up to $250 for every order. In addition, you can also earn up to $10 on any second tier affiliates that you sign up under you. You can get started immediately by setting up your Affiliate Account here (it’s totally free to join) and simply placing links to INYC.com on your web site. Every time someone clicks through to INYC.com and subscribes to one of our services you will earn a generous referral fee.<BR>I believe that working with INYC would be a win-win situation for both parties involved. Reason being is that INYC is focused on providing excellent service to its clients and has a reputation for providing the best support and customer care. Having a partner like INYC will ad a great depth to your existing product offerings. Rest assured you will be working with a company that is dedicating its time to providing the best possible service to its subscribers. Please e-mail me back and let me know when you have time available to talk further on the matter or simply use the link below to become INYC Affiliate.<BR>Thanks so much for the opportunity,<BR>Mahbubul Alam<BR>http://www.inyc.com<BR>

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    Default freaking pyramid schemes!!!! <eop>


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    Default I don't care.....

    what it is... I&#039;ll take 500 of &#039;em.

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