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    I create one "ADODB.Connection" per page, but create up to 15 "ADODB.Recordsets" instances per page. However, everytime I create a new recordset I use the same instance name. I close the connection and set the connection to nothing and do the same for the recordsets. Now does ASP close all 15 recordset instances or should I use a different recordset name for each instance and close each seperatly?<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.

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    Default 15 instances with same name ??

    well .. i guess when u make another instance of the recordset with the same name.. the previous instance wud need to be destroyed !! is nt it ? so i guess u dont hav to use different names... ado wud free up the memory each time u make a new instance ! <BR>lemme know ! <BR>thanks<BR>

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    that is the assumption over here, we are going to the production server next week with this project - so hopefully all goes well.

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