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    Hello<BR><BR>In the ASP websites I&#039;ve built up to now, site search function based on database queries has worked fine.<BR><BR>But we&#039;re starting a new project where I think we&#039;ll need to render HTML from database-managed content - serving content straight out of the database would involve complex database queries for every page, so the plan is to run the queries *offline* and generate HTML files on the web server for website-users to download: we&#039;ll write a COM component to do the rendering.<BR><BR>But: to provide site search, I&#039;ve got to decide whether to store some content from the rendered pages in the database, or whether it&#039;s possible/advisable to base site search on a text search of rendered HTML files in the file system of the web server (presumably using file system object to recurse through the rendered HTML).<BR><BR>Does anyone have any experience/horror stories/clever tricks they want to share relating to this kind of thing?<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR><BR>Dave Pape

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    File I/O is extremely slow, especially using the FSO... I&#039;ve quadrupled time using the FSO instead of a database in some situations.<BR><BR>Stick with the database -- it&#039;s been fully optimized to perform under large amounts of stress.

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    Default It depends

    It depends on what the users of your site will be searching for.<BR><BR>You should read the docs on Index Server. There&#039;s decent docs/examples for it if you go (in W2K)...<BR><BR> Right Click on MyComputer<BR> --&#062; Choose "Manage"<BR> --&#062;--&#062; Expand the "Services and Applications" Node<BR> --&#062;--&#062;--&#062; Right Click on "Indexing Service"<BR> --&#062;--&#062;--&#062;--&#062; Choose "Help"<BR><BR>This should open up the .chm file for Indexing Service. In that you will find the docs for using the Indexing Query Language.<BR><BR>To see a working example of the Indexing Service, start the service and click on one of the 2 Catalogs that already exist (by default 2 are created - System and Web).<BR><BR>That shows you a small web page that allows you to perform queries based on Indexed Folders/Files.<BR><BR>I haven&#039;t used it much, but it is not too difficult a thing to do and I&#039;m sure there must be many a tutorial about it on the web.

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