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Thread: Getting the Unique ID of a newly added record...

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    Brian Jarrett Guest

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    Is there any way to get the ID number from my autoincrement Primary Key immediately after posting the data for the new record? <BR>Right now I have a Customer table that has name, company, etc. in it as well as a CustomerID field. This is the field that autoincrements so I don&#039;t have the number until after I post the new data. The current ASP code I have then goes back and queries for the name again. At this point I can get the ID.<BR><BR>I&#039;m wondering if there&#039;s another way to do it without running a second query (what if I have two John Smiths?) and without having to deal with assigning incremented IDs on my own.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried printing out the contents of ADOREC("CustomerID") immediately after calling ADOREC.Update but it still comes up blank. I can pull all of the other information back out of the posted record, just not the ID.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    the tips & tricks on for an example in Access and SQL Server.

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    Jack Stow Guest

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    If you&#039;re using SQL Server you can do it with a stored procedure - just create a variable and do this;<BR>SET @yourvariable = @@IDENTITY <BR>straight after the INSERT of the new record - that variable will then have the ID of the record you&#039;ve just created.

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